Day 12 of Growing Out Split Nails and Happy Thanksgiving

Please see Day 1 and Day 4. I’m impressed! The index fingernails have grown the most. In fact, I’ve seen so much growth that I need to file them down. I’ve had a few minuscule blood blisters around my cuticles because I’ve been poking at them more, but my nails are smooth.

Here are my nails this morning before filing, soaking, oiling, or anything…


Here’s a closeup of the index fingernails…

Is it just me or is the nail growing mostly on just one side? Are nails supposed to grow evenly from the nail base? Or do they shift around like tectonic plates?

Here are my nails after filing them down…

The nails on the index fingers have split very little in the last week and the Gorilla Glue is getting closer and closer to the edge. I thought about filing off the glue and the top detached layer of nail, but after I filed down the tips, they felt pretty strong and protected, so I decided not to mess with the top of the nail.

Finally, I put on nail stickers for Thanksgiving. These stickers won’t dry out my nails like paint polish and they are absolutely gorgeous. Don’t worry, I can peel the stickers off before my next finger soak. 🙂

I’ve had to change my habits of picking and scratching with my index fingers. Instead, I use my middle fingernail, thumbnail, or a tool. I don’t want to risk bending my index fingernails until the splits have grown all the way out. They are thin and very bendy at the tips, but I’m certain that if I just keep doing this daily routine and filing the index fingers down, they will regain their strength. My only concern is that my skin on my hands is perhaps too soft, and I’ve gotten a few cuts, knicks, and scabs too easily. More experimentation is needed to find the balance of self-care. 🙂

Thanks for taking this little health journey with me. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving.


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