Day 4 of Growing Out Split Nails

Please see Day 1. There are no pictures for Day 2 or Day 3.

On Day 3, my fraying problem returned and more of the nail on my right index finger separated and peeled back after washing dishes at work.

Today I used my better camera and here are my nails fresh out of the shower.

BEFORE my nail routine…

There we go. Now the nail splits and Gorilla Glue are quite visible compared to the photos in Day 1. I had to snip off a few pieces of the epithelial┬álining around the right pinky and ring fingers because they kept snagging on things. I’ve been doing my best to use the cuticle oil before work, and I’ve gotta say that all the nails look really healthy, with the exception of the index fingers.

AFTER my nail routine…

When my hands and nails are buttered up, the nail splits aren’t noticeable and everything feels soft.

Even though this is Day 4, I trimmed my nails 72 hours ago, so the growth progress in the photos can be thought of as 3 days worth of growth.

Thanks for tuning in.

See Day 12 next.


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