Love Is:

Love is:
(gathered from many loving sisters and brothers 2002-8 by Peter B. Reynolds)

Love is supreme and unconditional, 100%, a true passion for the spectrum of intense emotion, the “Big Bang”, Love is the true all, more than we can express with simple words, Love is care, Be kind and don’t be mean to anybody, a fountain of youth, a tingle, trust, Oh, be swift to love; make haste to be kind. It is finding someone who balances you, in the air, the greatest commandment, critical and necessary, the only thing worth striving for, non-duality, colors – music – absolute beauty – and wonder, something amazing, life and why hearts beat, a big gas station with cheap gas and a hundred pumps, Love is the feeling you get when you are having a bad day and someone gives you a bright smile, like rapids and leaves, Love is like a sweet onion and every gathering I shed another flaky layer, all there is, Doggie love is a good butt scratch, the unexplainable, ever expanding, when your body tingles, when your family surrounds you, the Heartbeat, universal, the internal light we share with each other, unstoppable, respecting all people, Love is Jesus Christ who died for my sins, acceptance no matter what, no fear, Jah, pieces of a quilt coming together to make a warm work of art, electric explosions of unlimited power peacefully wrapped in white wings, appreciation, Love is the root of all things, hearing that first Welcome Home, compassion for all that are suffering, Love is using informal cooperation to achieve its objectives, dignity in oneself, fills you and makes you whole, having a good time, Love is having good manners, fruit: a tree spends all year creating it so that it may feed its family and friends, letting go with grace, knowing that the kingdom of heaven is at hand, knowing that what goes around comes around, mentally liberating, modesty, mindful, like a seed, organic, purity, captivating, Love is maintaining close cooperation with others involved, acting as a good host to prevent potential problems, Love is powerful, perseverance, playfulness, reflecting light, stress relief, respecting and valuing the ways of others, selfless, Love is (my boyfriend) letting me bl*w my n*se on his shirt, always opening knowing and feeling pure light pulsing out of I and I and I, seeing poetry and romance in every moment, healing, Love is that all-encompassing energy that unites humans, Love is the sugar that coats the fear of life’s salty roads, total spiritual bonding, when you feel whole for the first time in a new way, a non commercial activity, the mother finch flying home with a grasshopper, enough to make you cry – but beautiful enough to dry your tears before they fall, pure wisdom flowing, service to humanity, a beautiful smile shining on everyone you meet, the eye which sees the whole circle, wide open, Love is wild and respectful, your mom, stays with you wherever you go and seems to keep you alive, the enchantment of things, and destruction of loneliness, the cause of immense joy and immense pain, Love is the flowers, trusting no matter what the situation, feeding your family, a rose, a rock, Love is being a good example, thinking of how the world feels to the person next to you and hoping they are feeling the yummy bliss of the universe’s sweet milk, Love is knowing what irritates you and laughing about it, a way of finding common ground, always there and it always works, balance, Love is virtuous, vulnerable, honesty and mutual trust, safety first for everyone, Love is paying attention, something that can be used to start fires, taking care of the earth, nature, everything in the world that you want plus infinity, Love is Elvis, a dance, my puppy (Noodles), Love is bursting from your heart right now, Love is the urge to merge, light shining from the inside, your voice, your actions and intentions, Love is a mystery that cannot be solved alone, when you and someone can stand toe to toe and b*ttle each other out and then turn back to back and take on the world, following your passion, not attached – but always included, free, perfect love casts out fear, when you say we love you to everyone including the rangers and realize we are all family, everlasting, The LOVE is strong in this one, Love is being rich in spirit, the harmonious hum of dance and song to which we all belong, the laughter of a little child, remembering, listening to your spiritual guides (everyone), Love is cherishing the differences as well as the things that are the same, living and being beauty, being happy in the silence, Love means you are really hot, being true to yourself, Love is: not going thirsty, knowing you are not alone, giving others room to grow, laughter and joy, like the stars in the sky – bright beauty and light forever, understanding that words mean different things to different people, brainstorming, seeking peace, Love is our life’s blood, the courage to stand up against the madness threatening all life, compost, my religion and the only law to obey, people who pick up trash, Love is letting a chipmunk steal my pecans, sharing the air – we breathe unity, the spice that makes this life stew nice, bliss, being good, where all things come together as one thing, seeing all as blessings and being a blessing to all, caring about you, clothing the trash in beauty, patient and waits for an answer, expanding your circle to include everything you know about, sensitive to another’s wants, Love is tolerance, and the view from the top of the mountain, my momma creating me into this world to experience you fine people, booking breakfast with elders, Love is a simple solution to complex problems, Love is… (fill in the blank)

These words were gathered from a rainbow of loving souls camping in the forests, perhaps enjoying nature, frolicking, living, loving, and/or praying for world peace and healing. Consider rereading these words slowly or a few words at a time and feeling if they have a place in your heart. Be the love that you want to see in the world. This love sheet is in loving memory of Brother Love. We will miss your wisdom and leadership. We are all coming home someday to sit with you at the ultimate heart-song circle. I can’t wait to hear what you say when you get THAT feather!
This document may be copied and freely distributed for sharing love.
Thank you, reader, for being you. You are an essential part of the universe and WE LOVE YOU!


Wolfie lives moment to moment seeking to make life more wonderful for all. She is passionate about people, animals, nature, and health, and she helps others express their creativity and live in harmony.