Video of My 1990’s Barbie Collection

I assembled photos and video of my Barbie collection for fun! I went really basic on the video editing because I just used the first free available software I could find. >_< I know it’s a little shaky… and I admit that I didn’t plan a script… so I’d love your support and tips! The 50+ photos at the end were taken a year ago… and I no longer have the dolls.. so I can’t retake them, but I could potentially enhance them since I still have the original photos.

I’ve been wanting to show off my Barbie collection for a while now just to get started with video production.  When I have better tools. a better eye for design, and better narration, I can make better videos of anything with speed and ease! 😀 Oh the stories I could tell!

Thank you for your constructive feedback. Getting back into technology is fun!


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  1. If you haven’t seen it yet – Netflix has a new exclusive show “The Toys That Made Us”. Your video reminded me of how enjoyable the documentary was. Episode 2 is dedicated entirely to Barbie. I learned a lot on each episode.

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