My Secret Facial Care Routine

Hi there! I’ve been asked to share my facial care routine with the world! Keep reading to see how I cured my acne.

But first, the backstory…

I suffered from cystic acne and obsessive-compulsive skin-picking all through my teens and 20’s. The following pictures were taken between 2006 and 2008, when I was around the ages of 22-24.





My face was continuously filled with puss and was very painful. I kept my disgust and hatred to myself, and to everyone else I looked happy! I hoped that people would overlook my acne and accept me for my personality.

Then in 2011, I began to demand change. I wanted to cure my acne and skin-picking once and for all, so I started a blog. You can read the full story here…

My **Very Personal** Acne Story That I Wrote When I Was 27

To make a long story short, the first thing that improved my acne was changing my diet. A nutritionist helped me reduce my inflammation by balancing my intestinal flora and taking care of my nutritional deficiencies. Then, three months after writing that blog post, I discovered a technique called “Mindful Body Awareness” to conquer my dermatillomania! I changed what I put in my body, touched my face less, reduced the spread of bacteria, and remained curious.

Then in 2013 I moved to the mountains of Montana and my skin really started to clear up thanks to the low humidity. I was still getting acne twice a month, but the acne was so much smaller and more superficial. I was already so much happier with my skin!

Finally, in 2014, when I moved back to Texas, I was introduced to Norwex microfiber cloths. I was able to simplify my facial care routine and get rid of all my cleansers. Blemishes were fewer and farther between.

Lastly, in 2015, I discovered the magic of the Dead Sea…

Here is the facial care routine I’ve been following for the last 3 years. I do it just once a day.

One thing I forgot to say in this video is that you can overuse Norwex cloths. They are so good at cleaning your skin that it can be too abrasive if you use too much pressure while washing your face. Be gentle and pay attention to how your skin aadjusts to new changes.


And here is my face today, right after washing my face with Norwex and water, splashing the mineral salt water on my face, and rinsing with cold water.


You can see I have some enlarged pores on my cheeks and brow, and those are scars, or pock-marks, from when I popped zits in my teens. They will never get smaller, but look at how evenly-colored my skin is! And my skin always feels soft and malleable now. It doesn’t get overly dry or oily anymore.

If you are battling acne, my suggestion is to try this routine and see a nutritionist. It can totally be cured naturally. It’s all about reducing inflammation in the gut, reducing stress, and being mindfully aware of your actions. You are normal and healthy now! Know that acne means your body is healing itself; you just have to give it time. Tell yourself that you’re beautiful over and over until you believe it.


Wolfie lives moment to moment seeking to make life more wonderful for all. She is passionate about people, animals, nature, and health, and she helps others express their creativity and live in harmony.