Split Nails Follow Up (Days 71 and 94)

Here is Day 71 taken on my phone camera. This was the worst day so far. I had just pulled off some nail decal stickers and found the dry nails underneath more brittle than ever. Even the middle finger and pinkie nails were peeling a little bit. It was right after this that I decided to stop wearing nail stickers altogether and keep my nails trimmed as short as I comfortably could.

Trimming my nails to the bed worked, because now there was no nail tip to bend when I did my normal work. Having no nails at all also meant I couldn’t pick at things even if I wanted to (at work, I constantly have to pick sticky labels off of dishes before washing them). I think this whole mess started because I was trying to grow out my nails, but they would bend from just normal hand motions such as grabbing, pinching, and pushing.

Here are my nails again today, 23 days later, on my DSLR camera, Day 94.

That tiny dark spot under the middle fingernail is a blood blister, likely from a clawing motion while at work.

I swear they are almost completely grown out. The left index fingernail here still has a ways to go, and the right index fingernail is maybe a week away from being solid and no longer frayed. I’m not posting a picture of the right hand because I have a cut.

Supposedly it takes fingernails 6 months to grow from the base to the tip, so it’s quite possible that 6 to 9 months ago I had a very stressful episode in my life and that stress produced a weak section in my nails. Coincidentally, 6 to 9 months ago was when my husband and I were indeed going through some very rough trauma and soul-searching.


I promise not to wear nail stickers until they are finished, and I will have to keep my nails trimmed to the bed from now on as long as I’m required to deep clean and be rough with my hands at work.


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