This Thyme I’m Rootin For You!

It’s my 2019 Garden in Austin, Texas!

To start off, here are 2 videos on my garden’s progress…

About 4 days ago I had to put a blanket over the pots and put a heater underneath because I was worried about sleet and a freezing wind chill.

But now the sun is shining and the weather is warm again, so I put the cherry tomato outside.


And here are the sprouts today, Day 15…

One single Morning Glory…


One single Texas Bluebonnet…


Purple Basil


Cherry Tomato (that I started indoors)


Italian Parsley








Sweet Basil






Next, here are the new shoots growing from my pepper plants…


And lastly I’m showing off this cute little purple succulent. It broke off from my roommate’s garden and I buried it in the dirt next to the thyme many months ago just to see if I could keep it alive. It hasn’t shown any growth yet, but it’s alive, so it must be rooting. 🙂


Unfortunately, the lavender hasn’t sprouted yet, but I believe it has the longest germination time of all of them, anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months.

For most of the sprouts pictured above, I will gradually pick out the smaller/weaker plants so that only a couple are in each pot. Last year I hardly did any culling and many of the plants seemed stunted. This time I’ll make sure they all have lots of room.


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