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Wolfie lives moment to moment seeking to make life more wonderful for all. She is passionate about people, animals, nature, and health, and she helps others express their creativity and live in harmony.

My Secret Facial Care Routine

Hi there! I’ve been asked to share my facial care routine with the world! Keep reading to see how I cured my acne. But first, the backstory… I suffered from cystic acne and obsessive-compulsive skin-picking all through my teens and 20’s. The following pictures were taken between 2006 and 2008, when I was around the…

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This Thyme I’m Rootin For You!

It’s my 2019 Garden in Austin, Texas! To start off, here are 2 videos on my garden’s progress… About 4 days ago I had to put a blanket over the pots and put a heater underneath because I was worried about sleet and a freezing wind chill. But now the sun is shining and the…

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Split Nails Follow Up (Days 71 and 94)

Here is Day 71 taken on my phone camera. This was the worst day so far. I had just pulled off some nail decal stickers and found the dry nails underneath more brittle than ever. Even the middle finger and pinkie nails were peeling a little bit. It was right after this that I decided to…

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Split Nails Follow Up (Day 33)

I have done my best to keep my nails covered with sticker decals and avoid picking, but unfortunately, I still have splits near the tips of my index fingernails. Last night I trimmed my nails very short when they were soft and wet to prevent breakage, then oiled them up and slept. These are my…

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Day 12 of Growing Out Split Nails and Happy Thanksgiving

Please see Day 1 and Day 4. I’m impressed! The index fingernails have grown the most. In fact, I’ve seen so much growth that I need to file them down. I’ve had a few minuscule blood blisters around my cuticles because I’ve been poking at them more, but my nails are smooth. Here are my…

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Day 4 of Growing Out Split Nails

Please see Day 1. There are no pictures for Day 2 or Day 3. On Day 3, my fraying problem returned and more of the nail on my right index finger separated and peeled back after washing dishes at work. Today I used my better camera and here are my nails fresh out of the shower.…

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Day 1 of Growing Out Split Nails

I love my strong hands; they’ve served me well. I’ve worked in food service what feels like all my life. Recently the nails on my index fingers have frayed at the ends. In other words, the nails have split horizontally near the nail tip, and there is a top layer of nail that keeps lifting…

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Love Is:

Love is: (gathered from many loving sisters and brothers 2002-8 by Peter B. Reynolds) Love is supreme and unconditional, 100%, a true passion for the spectrum of intense emotion, the “Big Bang”, Love is the true all, more than we can express with simple words, Love is care, Be kind and don’t be mean to…

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Email Mastery Challenge

Email is Not Life! Hopefully, by the end of this post, you will have learned some new techniques to get your email under control and enjoyable. This Email Mastery Challenge is meant for players in the game Habitica, so you will see images here that correspond to the challenge tasks in Habitica. You can find…

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Video of My 1990’s Barbie Collection

I assembled photos and video of my Barbie collection for fun! I went really basic on the video editing because I just used the first free available software I could find. >_< I know it’s a little shaky… and I admit that I didn’t plan a script… so I’d love your support and tips! The…

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Researching the Halls

I recently moved just outside of Austin, I changed my driver’s license, and now it’s time to figure out my new Congress contacts and get involved. The following quote is from Ellis Ellsworth’s Call the Halls PDF: Anytime you are communicating with your elected officials, you are likely doing more than your neighbor. My Current…

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The Ultimate Collection of Data Science Links

How to Start Learning to Code in R Right Now

Ready to jump right in?

R basics. Learn R, In R!

LeaRning Path in R

Ready for the deep end?

Some free, some not. <— Compare curriculums and find a program,stats&query=r <— One-on-one mentorships!

Bonus Links!

Free R Programming Books and PDFs

The Elements of Data Analytic Style

A Growing, Searchable, Visual Board of Data Science Links ←


Subsetting, Sorting, and Summarizing Data in R

More practice for getting and cleaning data in R… > set.seed(13435) > X <- data.frame(“var1″=sample(1:5), “var2″=sample(6:10),”var3″=sample(11:15)) > X var1 var2 var3 1 2 8 15 2 3 7 12 3 5 6 14 4 1 10 11 5 4 9 13 > X <- X[sample(1:5),] ##Resampling of all 5 rows > X var1 var2 var3…

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Swirl Cliffnotes – Getting and Cleaning Data in R – dplyr

This post contains R programming code from my study and practice. If you stumbled onto this page in a search, I hope you find my “Swirl Cliff-notes” helpful. Manipulating CRAN Download Data with dplyr Colorful Command List with Notes > library(dplyr) ##Include dplyr package and it’s 5 “verb” functions: select(), filter(), arrange(), mutate(), and summarize() >…

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Example of Reading XML Files into R

I’m learning how to get and clean data, and this is my first time playing with XML files in R programming. In the following code, I succeeded in downloading an XML file, parsing it, accessing it’s variables and nodes, and converting it to a list and a data frame. In the beginning, I was hoping…

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What I Learned From a Year on Instagram

Creating filtered photos was a fun hobby… for a while… Here are ten things I learned from a year on Instagram. Instagram is far more tolerable than Facebook with less whining and more art. Isn’t that what draws people in? We’re curious to swipe through other people’s lenses and vicariously travel and sip cozy coffees…

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My Book Reading List

My favorite book of all time is Repeatlessness by Dr. Joe Marshalla. I love this book because the words are playful and inspiring, but they are also backed up with scientific studies. The idea of repeatlessness is that, even down to the quantum level, nothing in the universe repeats, and the concept of repetition exists…

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