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Email Mastery Challenge

Email is Not Life! Hopefully, by the end of this post, you will have learned some new techniques to get your email under control and enjoyable. This Email Mastery Challenge is meant for players in the game Habitica, so you will see images here that correspond to the challenge tasks in Habitica. You can find…

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Video of My 1990’s Barbie Collection

I assembled photos and video of my Barbie collection for fun! I went really basic on the video editing because I just used the first free available software I could find. >_< I know it’s a little shaky… and I admit that I didn’t plan a script… so I’d love your support and tips! The…

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What I Learned From a Year on Instagram

Creating filtered photos was a fun hobby… for a while… Here are ten things I learned from a year on Instagram. Instagram is far more tolerable than Facebook with less whining and more art. Isn’t that what draws people in? We’re curious to swipe through other people’s lenses and vicariously travel and sip cozy coffees…

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