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LeaRning Path in R

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Some free, some not. <— Compare curriculums and find a program,stats&query=r <— One-on-one mentorships!

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Subsetting, Sorting, and Summarizing Data in R

More practice for getting and cleaning data in R… > set.seed(13435) > X <- data.frame(“var1″=sample(1:5), “var2″=sample(6:10),”var3″=sample(11:15)) > X var1 var2 var3 1 2 8 15 2 3 7 12 3 5 6 14 4 1 10 11 5 4 9 13 > X <- X[sample(1:5),] ##Resampling of all 5 rows > X var1 var2 var3…

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Swirl Cliffnotes – Getting and Cleaning Data in R – dplyr

This post contains R programming code from my study and practice. If you stumbled onto this page in a search, I hope you find my “Swirl Cliff-notes” helpful. Manipulating CRAN Download Data with dplyr Colorful Command List with Notes > library(dplyr) ##Include dplyr package and it’s 5 “verb” functions: select(), filter(), arrange(), mutate(), and summarize() >…

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Example of Reading XML Files into R

I’m learning how to get and clean data, and this is my first time playing with XML files in R programming. In the following code, I succeeded in downloading an XML file, parsing it, accessing it’s variables and nodes, and converting it to a list and a data frame. In the beginning, I was hoping…

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