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The Ultimate Collection of Data Science Links

How to Start Learning to Code in R Right Now

Ready to jump right in?

R basics. Learn R, In R!

LeaRning Path in R

Ready for the deep end?

Some free, some not. <— Compare curriculums and find a program,stats&query=r <— One-on-one mentorships!

Bonus Links!

Free R Programming Books and PDFs

The Elements of Data Analytic Style

A Growing, Searchable, Visual Board of Data Science Links ←


My Book Reading List

My favorite book of all time is Repeatlessness by Dr. Joe Marshalla. I love this book because the words are playful and inspiring, but they are also backed up with scientific studies. The idea of repeatlessness is that, even down to the quantum level, nothing in the universe repeats, and the concept of repetition exists…

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